“I’ve just booked a meeting with our exact, ideal client! What’s more, never in a million years would I have attracted this calibre of client if it wasn’t for the work we’ve done together”

This is the consistent feedback I’m getting from my clients who are using LinkedIn properly to win new business. That’s why I love LinkedIn. It provides consumers of professional advice a platform to find the RIGHT professional for their specific needs and circumstances. This short video [2 minutes, 51 seconds] cuts straight to the point and demonstrates exactly why I’m loving LinkedIn as a business development platform for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Financial Advisers in 2020 and why my clients are too.

 Here’s what we cover:

  • A basic overview of how networks function and why the trajectory of your practice depends on the strength of yours.
  • Why referrals and word of mouth marketing are actually holding your practice back.
  • An breakdown of Australian Business as per the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics Data.
  • Why its time to start taking LinkedIn seriously. Very Seriously!


Hi, it’s Trent Butler here, and I just wanted to put a really quick video presentation together to demonstrate why I’m absolutely loving LinkedIn in 2020 and why my clients are as well. Constant feedback I’m receiving from clients is that, “You know Trent, we’re accountants, but we’d never would’ve been able to work with the client of this caliber or this nature if it wasn’t for the work that we’ve done together on LinkedIn.” And in this short presentation today, I’m going to explain exactly why that is the case.

So if you can imagine this green triangle on the screen here, it represents you as an advisor in your particular market. Now you might be an accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, et cetera. And let the circle represent the boundary of everyone you know in your existing network. Now let’s pretend that these blue rectangles represent your current clients, and that the purple rectangles represents potential clients within your existing network, but people you don’t know or not… Oh sorry, people that you’re not currently working with at present.

And we can superimpose on the same diagram a similar advisor providing comparable services to yourself. And similarly, they have their own set of clients represented by the blue rectangles. And purple as well, representing some potential clients within their network. And obviously as you would expect, there’s and overlap between the two networks. And you can almost imagine this on a national scale, which looks something like this. And really, the problem with referrals and word of mouth marketing is that you’re not always necessarily networked with the exact type of client you want to be working with.

And really when we come down to looking at the actual hard data ABS Publications suggest that it’s the top 20% of small businesses in Australia that are generating turnover in excess of $500,000 and above. And our turnover is not always the way to identify the ideal client, but as a proxy, it demonstrates that if you want to be working with the higher value clients, really you need a mechanism to get in front of them. And the problem a lot of people have is that they simply don’t have that mechanism. They’re not networked with those types of clients.

And really that’s exactly why I’m loving LinkedIn and why my clients are too. It’s because you’re no longer limited by your existing referral network. With LinkedIn when done properly, you can leverage the platform to penetrate networks that you otherwise would not have been able to in the past and generate new client engagements from them.

Now what I do every month is, I actually hold a limited number of complimentary strategy sessions. These are one-on-one sessions with me where I show you exactly how you can leverage LinkedIn properly to win new business each month. Now, if you’re interested in attending one of these sessions, please send me a message through LinkedIn, hit me up to connect if we’re not already connected, and we can have a brief discussion through the platform to see if one of these sessions are suitable for you.